Parent and Student Testimonials...or What WNA Means to Us!

We are very pleased to hear from your team of our daughter's acceptance, and are so proud and excited for her. We spent quite some time researching schools in our area that would provide our daughter with a great high school experience, and your staff and students made such a great impression on us. We thank you all for the time you spent in helping us learn about your exceptional school and look forward to the future years at WNA! Please count us in for the WNA Class of 2020!

Prospective Parent '20

West Nottingham Academy is a small, private coed prep school (boarding and day) perfectly situated in a quiet setting yet strategically convenient to all of the cultural opportunities of city life in Washington, DC, Philadelphia and Baltimore. This is the oldest boarding school in America! While maintaining its strong historical academic core WNA actively prepares students for the future's technology based, 21st century, international economy. An amazing staff who live on campus. The college acceptance rate is 100%. My sophomore is blossoming at WNA; I could not be happier as a parent!

Heidi Turk
Parent ‘17

West Nottingham Academy is the perfect fit for our daughter. The teachers and staff go above and beyond to care about our daughter, guide her, support her and differentiate her instruction to meet her needs. West Nottingham Academy is part of our family. The Academy is in its own class on all levels. We feel blessed to have our daugter be a part of West Nottingham Academy!

Kevin and Tracy O'Connell '15

With the daily support of the CLC and a dedicated teaching staff, Jeremy has had a successful Junior year at WNA! This has been a perfect fit for Jeremy.....small school.....small classes.... and teachers that support their students! We look forward to watching Jeremy continue to grow academically and personally during his senior year and we are proud to know that he will be a WNA graduate!

George and Pam Grossnickle '14
Shillington, Pennsylvania

West Nottingham has touched my son's heart and tapped into his academic potential in a way that I didn't think was possible or that was done by any other school that he has attended. My biggest regret is that he didn't start in the 9th grade. The combination of personal nurturing and excellent instruction makes this school a Godsend for my son and our family!

Sheila Owens-Collins '14

West Nottingham is a "little school" that produces "big results." Its highly-qualified faculty tailors instruction to meet your child's needs. My son receives the academic challenges and diverse opportunities not afforded in public high school or larger academies.

Jim Buggy '15

There have been many major events in my life that have helped me to understand myself as a human being. In particular, attending West Nottingham Academy for high school played a large part in helping me get to know myself better. This small institution was founded in 1744 and is the nation’s oldest boarding school. Members of my alumni include many famous artists, politicians, and even signers of the Declaration of Independence. The day I stepped on the campus, I knew that it was the right place for me to be. With its rich history and family-like community, I knew that this was where I would discover who I am.

My graduating class consisted of 32 students including myself, many of which I had started off with in my freshman year. Looking around the classroom on my first day of high school, I realized most of my classmates weren’t from up the road like I was, but rather were from places such as Korea, China, Nepal, and Africa. It was here that I realized I could branch out from small Harford County, Maryland without ever leaving the state. While my school planned many freshman oriented events, there was a language barrier between myself and almost anybody I was sitting next to and I found that fascinating. For the next four years, I spent my time learning new languages, and I no longer felt uncomfortable when I was the only American in any given class who didn’t understand what the others were saying. I was naturally curious about their country’s customs, and was constantly asking questions. Even after graduating, I am still contacting my friends from different parts of the world asking them to teach me new words in their native language or to tell me about what holidays they are currently celebrating at home.

Going to a school with approximately 130 students helped me to discover who I am as a human being. With such a small and tight knit community, my confidence grew in my academics because I always had a teacher there to support me when I needed it most. Whether it was on the basketball court on stage doing a performance of “ The Importance of Being Ernest”, I knew I was being encouraged to do my best by people who wouldn’t care if I missed a shot or forgot a line. This community was beyond accepting and nurturing and the perfect place to help me discover what being a strong and confident person I can be.

Looking back at my time, I realized it was the people I had bonded with, my teachers and fellow classmates; they were the ones who helped me understand myself better and make realize what kind of person I wanted to be when I grew up. The school gave me an opportunity to make friends from all different backgrounds. I love being able to say that one of my best friends from high school is a Team USA figure skater, or that I consider my sisters to be from Nepal…a place I had never even heard of until 5 years ago. Having international friends from places such as China and Nepal has made me a more curious and knowledgeable person. I am now much more culturally aware of issues facing countries other than my own.

I was always told that when I went to college I would meet all kinds of different people from all over. I was fortunate enough to have that experience before college and I cherish every lesson I learned from it. I’m proud to be an alum of West Nottingham Academy because they taught me how to be a confident young adult who craves knowledge. I believe that humans are naturally curious and I think that different experiences can either enhance or diminish an individuals desire for knowledge. Knowledge is an important part of humanity…especially the understanding of who we are.

Rachel Tubbs '14

I just had my first math class in college today! I am now studying at University of Rochester.

I was a bit nervous in math class today because my professor went through topics like the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus in one hour! However, I found your class so helpful because college class size is so big and the instructor cannot show us step by step solutions to questions. At WNA, you can explain and discuss a question with more details. I am writing this email to tell you that I really miss your class and you are a great teacher Dr. V!

WNA '16

It has been a few months since I graduated from WNA. I am doing well in UW Madison and have begun to pursue my career as an actuary. The lectures in university are completely different from high school classes. I have more than 300 students in my math 234 lecture (234 is second year calculus class, I skipped the first year class by taking AP BC at WNA). There are rare communications with my professor since the only way I can meet with him is in his office during his office hours, which is about two hours per week. I really miss the private talk opportunities with teachers at WNA; those are great memories. Though I have left your classroom, what you taught me helps me so much this year! Vectors, limits and multi-variable calculus, those are what I am currently learning in math 234, and you already showed us in WNA. I have a chance to transit to university life smoother than most students. THANK YOU Dr. V, the best math teacher in the world!

Class of 2016

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Established in 1744, West Nottingham Academy is the oldest boarding school in the United States. We are a 9-12 grade co-educational boarding and day school located in Northeastern Maryland, an hour's drive from either Philadelphia or Baltimore, 90 minutes from Washington DC and just over two hours from New York City.

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