For Parents

No one can ever replace a parents' role in the life of a child. At West Nottingham Academy we believe that parent involvement is critical to a student's academic and personal success, even when that student might be thousands of miles from home. We strive to keep our parents connected and informed and hope you will make a visit to our website a regular part of every day.

In our internal parent community, our parents find access to schedules, grades, homework, curriculum, forms, newletters and handbooks. On any given day our parents can see their student's progress and assignments.

Sending your son or daughter to a boarding school can be both an exhilarating and anxious experience. At West Nottingham Academy, your student is in good hands. We place a strong emphasis on mutual respect, self-discipline, and concern for others as central components of our community. The school is structured to promote a healthy, safe, comfortable environment conducive to learning.

West Nottingham Academy offers a number of services to ensure that each student thrives academically, physically, and emotionally and that communication with parents is ongoing and strong. These include an effective advisor system, excellent campus health services, a strong focus on mentoring, and an overall commitment to wellness.

A student’s well-being is essential for effective learning and is uppermost in the mind of the West Nottingham community. A balanced mind and body are the cornerstones of academic achievement. At WNA, we pride ourselves on the strong connections we forge with our students and the many opportunities we offer them as they work and play.

Residential Life

Each dormitory is supervised by dorm parents, who help create a “home-away-from-home” atmosphere. Dorm parents strive to create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere while providing essential guidance and supervision. They are readily available for extra academic help, confidential chats about life's challenges, baking cookies, or maybe taking the group to the local pizza parlor or ice cream store.

Our students embrace the environment and physical activity and have fun together in a close-knit, supportive community. The Nottingham Open offers an early opportunity to bond with classmates and faculty, and regular campus activities throughout the year help reduce stress.

Advisor System

The basis of student support at West Nottingham Academy is the advising system. Advisors work closely with students and parents to keep the lines of communication open, resolve conflicts and questions, and help students maintain academic focus.

In addition to providing academic guidance, faculty advisors also mentor, motivate and advocate for their advisees. Students meet with their advisors 4-5 times per week. If a student has a problem, his or her advisor is usually in the best position to direct the student to the appropriate support person. If a teacher, coach or dorm parent has concerns about a student, the advisor is the first line of communication. The advisor is also a direct link from the school to the parents.

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Established in 1744, West Nottingham Academy is the oldest boarding school in the United States. We are a 9-12 grade co-educational boarding and day school located in Northeastern Maryland, an hour's drive from either Philadelphia or Baltimore, 90 minutes from Washington DC and just over two hours from New York City.

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