Frequently Asked Questions

While every WNA experience is unique, the following is a list of questions often heard from both new and returning parents...

How do we order our books
? Order your textbooks from our new online bookstore at This link can be accessed through your Parent Portal. The WNA store will not have any textbooks for sale. Books can be shipped directly to WNA from MBS or can be shipped to your home. Questions regarding ordering books can be directed to the business office at 410-658-5556 x9212.

My son/daughter wants to switch roommates - what should I do? We do not switch roommates during the opening weeks of school and work hard to settle any issues through peer and/or dorm parent mediation. Only after all options have been exhausted will we begin to explore possible changes. Our Residential Life program plays a crucial role in preparing each student for college life by teaching them to problem solve and manage conflicts which naturally occur in residential settings.

Are Campus Weekends really required?
In a word, Yes. These weekends help students form friendships and feel connected. Approximately one quarter of all weekends are "Campus Weekends." Experience suggests that students who stay for these weekends are better able to work through homesickness and become better acclimated to student life. Campus weekends are particularly critical at the start of the school year for new students.

How are detentions earned?
Missed obligations, repeated lateness, and accumulation of demerits are some of the ways detentions are earned. Please refer to the Student Handbook for details or contact the Dean of Students office for additional clarification. Detentions are held every Saturday morning, from 8:30-10:30 a.m.

My son/daughter just earned their drivers license and would like to be able to drive to school. What is WNA’s policy on student driving? Day students in good academic/behavioral standing may obtain a permission form from the Dean’s office. Boarding students may have cars their senior year, but only to drive to school and home. Permission must be obtained from the Dean’s office, prior to the car arriving on campus.

My son/daughter is a day student. Can he/she participate in your evening study hall? Evening study hall is occasionally extended to day students for special circumstances. To inquire about making it a part of a student’s regular schedule, the student’s advisor, academic dean and the parents will need to meet and determine the most appropriate schedule.

My day student would like to attend a weekend activity, but it starts early on Saturday morning. Can she/he stay overnight on Friday?
Day students are welcome to stay overnight in the dorms as long as permission is secured through the dean’s office in advance from the student host, roommate, parents, and dorm parents.

Our family booked a vacation which does not coincide with the school’s calendar so my son/daughter will likely miss a couple days of school. Will those days be excused absences? WNA has fairly generous vacation times, therefore we do not excuse extra days missed for family vacations. Three unexcused absences in a trimester will cause a student to fail those missed classes for the trimester.

Is Convocation required for both day & boarding students? Yes. Approppriate dress is also required (see guide book for dress code).

Whom do I contact with a question about our school account? Almost all questions that deal with student accounts should be directed to the Business Office (410-658-5556 x9211).

My son/daughter has a doctor’s appointment - is it excused?
The earlier you notify the school (Dean’s office or Administrative Assistant to the Dean), the easier it is for your child to alert his/her teachers that they will be missing a class. With the proper notification and a doctor’s note upon his/her return to school, the absence will be excused.

I have questions about my child’s classes or progress at school. Who is the best person to contact?
While we are always happy to field questions from all angles, the best place to start is with your child’s faculty advisor. In most cases he/she can answer your question or direct you to the appropriate person.

My daughter is a sophomore. Is she allowed to attend WNA’s prom?
WNA’s prom is very inclusive. All juniors and seniors and any underclassmen invited by a junior or senior are welcome to attend.

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