About WNA

Our School's Philosophy


Mission statement

To inspire and educate students to become socially aware leaders and innovators, who positively impact their communities around the world. 

Core values

We do our best to live these values every day and to reinforce them in our students’ lives as well. 
  • Be inclusive
  • Be socially aware
  • Ask questions
  • Accept what you don't know and be willing to learn
  • Be innovative and creative
  • Approach conflict with an open mind
  • Be transparent
  • Take time to form your opinion
  • Be a contributor
  • Get informed

Diversity statement

We, as a community of learners, welcome and value diversity and what it adds to a learning environment.  Every individual of the West Nottingham Academy community brings an intricate combination of cultural traditions, personal and family beliefs, and life experiences.  As a historically inclusive Academy, West Nottingham respects and supports the ethical and educational importance of a multicultural curriculum and co-curricular program in accordance with its mission statement and core values.
Dr. Virginia Kennedy
Head of School