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Situated in the rolling countryside of northeastern Maryland, just a few miles from the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay, West Nottingham Academy is the longest-standing boarding and day school in the United States. 

From its founding in 1744, the development of the whole student has been at the center of life at West Nottingham Academy. Academics form the core of our program, but the development of each student’s character is addressed in myriad forms from first arrival on campus to graduation day.

Every day, in every activity, from the classroom to the playing fields, art studios, and club gatherings, students are exposed to a diverse community of learners from all walks of life. They also mingle freely in social situations, learning about each other’s languages, foods, music, and lifestyles.
Our environmental sustainability program with its community and global ethic and its action oriented approach to student experiences and experiential learning is cutting edge. Our Artist-in-Residence program supported by Eric Fischl, a renowned American painter, is virtually one of a kind. At WNA, we have the best of both worlds: A foundation in history and tradition that starts with the founding of the country and a progressive vision in environmental sustainability, STEM and innovation, and the arts that will propel us into the future. Our students are a globally diverse population who learn what it means to engage with our local community ways they can model all over the planet. Our beautiful campus with its rural location and our less than two hour proximity to three major cities means we have the best of metropolitan culture and peaceful nature as well.
It is our long-standing belief that these many and rich approaches--monitored and supported by a dedicated and well-qualified faculty and staff--best prepare our students for both the next phase of their educations and for full and meaningful lives.