International Students


International Students

For more than sixty years, international students have chosen West Nottingham Academy in preparation for American colleges and universities. At WNA, students receive support to improve English-language fluency and to integrate into the school community. International students from countries all over the world call WNA home because of its caring and committed faculty and diverse student body. International students play a vital role in our community in the classroom, on the sports field, and in the dormitories. Our international students are community leaders and are fully engaged and integrated into the wider community.

The focus of the International Program is to develop and improve language skills to offer opportunities for success in a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum and then in American universities and colleges. Students are initially enrolled in the ESL program based on English language testing scores submitted during the admissions process, as well as at the recommendation of the program director after reviewing recommendations and academic transcripts, and holding a virtual interview with applicants. Some students with highly advanced English-language skills might be placed directly into the college-preparatory curriculum, while still being closely monitored by the Director of International Programming. On the Duolingo evaluation, we ask that all applicants score a minimum of 80 for entry into grade 9, to 100 and above for entry into grades 10 and above.

Features of the ESL program include:
  • Two levels of English preparation at the intermediate (ESL Communications I) and advanced (ESL Communications II) levels.
  • ESL content classes in History Humanities (9th grade) and Modern World History (10th and 11th).
  • Average class size is five students.
  • Preparation of language skills include both productive (speaking and writing) and receptive (reading and listening), as well as intensive work in developing and improving grammar and vocabulary.
  • Support for work in all other WNA classes, including extra help and tutoring as needed.
  • Benchmark testing at the beginning and end of the school year to demonstrate progress in academic English skills.
  • Progress in English language advancement is closely monitored.
  • Students are fully mainstreamed by senior year.
The International Program is a comprehensive program that supports both the student and the family in the adjustment to an American high school. WNA recognizes and appreciates that international students and their families have unique needs and therefore the Director of the International Programming provides the following services.
  • Acts as secondary advisor to all international students
  • Assists students for a smooth and successful transition to the WNA community
  • Assists in the college counseling process
  • Assists in the visa process and maintaining status while at WNA
  • Facilitates registration and coordinates travel for programs that offer trips and experiences during school breaks
  • Acts as an advocate with our health services program
  • Assists students in registering for the TOEFL, SAT, and ACT
  • Facilitates celebrations of international holidays, cultures, and events.
All international students should apply online, and follow these steps in the application process:

  • Create an account and submit the application
  • Provide school records and recommendations
  • Share DuoLingo results
  • Schedule a virtual interview with an admissions officer
  • For information and questions, please contact admissions@wna.org.