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Artist-in-Residence Program

Eric Fischl ’66 Artist-in-Residence Teaching Program

West Nottingham Academy is proud to be partnered with the New York Academy of Art and the renowned artist Eric Fischl for the Eric Fischl '66 Artist-in-Residence Teaching Program. Each fall, winter, and spring, a visiting graduate of the New York Academy of Art lives and works on campus, teaching classes and working on pieces to exhibit to our community. Students with a greater interest in art can apply for the Aspiring Artists Program, which guarantees one-on-one time with the Artist-in-Residence. This program not only gives students the benefit of working with professional artists, but allows them to witness the dedication that produces great works of contemporary art.

Spring 2019-20 Artist-in-Residence

Alonsa Guevara

Our present Artist-in-Residence is Alonsa Guevara. Alonsa’s artwork is inspired by the color and textures of nature and celebrates life through her exquisite oil paintings and pieces made from a variety of media. See more of her work at her website or her Instagram account


Alonsa Guevara is a Brooklyn based artist. She was born in Rancagua, Chile. Her paintings blur the lines between fantasy and reality while celebrating the connection between humankind and nature. A big part of her inspiration derives from her memories especially of her childhood spent living in the Ecuadorian rainforest with her family. 

Alonsa received her BFA from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in 2009 and moved to New York in 2011. She was awarded the Elizabeth Greenshields Grant in 2013 while being at the MFA Program of the New York Academy of Art, and after graduating, she received the Academy's Fellowship award 2015.

Alonsa's work has been published in Forbes Magazine, Time Out NYC Magazine, VICE and more, and has been shown internationally including countries like China, Mexico, Chile and many states inside the USA. Her most recent solo show was in May 2018 at Anna Zorina Gallery in NYC.

Artist in Residence to date:


Spring - Alonsa Guevara
Winter - Jiannan Wu
Fall - Jess Leo


Spring - James Razko
Winter - Caleb Booth
Fall - Emily Acheson-Adams


Spring - Isabelle Garbani 
Winter - Adam Lupton
Fall - George Rue


Spring - Jacob Hayes
Fall - Marcelo Daldoce 


Spring - Megan Ewert
Winter - Mitchel Martinez
Fall - Alexis Hilliard


Spring - Amanda Scuglia
Winter - Nicolas Holiber
Fall - Zachary Brown


Spring - Brittany Fields
Winter - William Bolton
Fall - Jacob Hicks