Chesapeake Learning Center

The Chesapeake Learning Center (CLC) at West Nottingham was founded to provide direct services to students with learning differences in our small boarding school environment.  While WNA has a history of providing individualized attention to its students, the CLC recognized the need to provide specialized instruction and support from faculty with a deeper understanding of educating exceptional students.

The CLC program recognizes the strengths in each student and strives to enable them to understand their challenges and employ strategies to succeed in a college preparatory environment.  Many students with exceptional profiles have been under-served in their previous placements, and the CLC works with each student to become effective self-advocates and confidently engage in college or university as a WNA graduate.

The CLC program at WNA is proportional to the size of our school -- approximately 10 percent of our students receive CLC services.  Our students are selected on their potential to succeed in a college preparatory environment when offered direct daily support and advocacy.
Regan Antila
Director of the Chesapeake Learning Center