College Counseling


College Counseling

Throughout our students’ time at WNA they are exposed to opportunities that will bring about a self-awareness that is imperative for designing their future paths. Through trips, college tours, discussions, games, role-playing, seminars, and workshops students learn skills that prepare them for their pathways to college. Our students are creating strong college resumes that set them apart! Our students know what college is about, what they are looking for, and we give the students the tools to find success. All students receive academic advising and college guidance steered toward the students’ future goals.

WNA’s culture is founded upon college preparation, and we are developing college savvy students. All our students have a Naviance account and a RAISEME account, for example.

Naviance is the dashboard in which application material is submitted, and the platform offers search capabilities and assessments that assist students in their plans for colleges and careers. Students are able to access statistics on colleges and view “scattergrams” that compare their particular profiles with those of other applicants, all of whose identities are blocked to ensure confidentiality. Naviance has many other tools our students use during all four years of their studies at WNA. Transcripts, recommendation letters, and other school and teacher forms are submitted directly to colleges via Naviance, for example.

RAISME is a college awareness tool in which students enter their grades, awards, extracurriculars, etc., as well as the colleges they are considering. These colleges will appear on any particular student’s dashboard with tuition information and information of potential scholarships based on that student’s profile. Students can view in dollar amount the effect GPA, test scores, community service, awards, and athletic participation have on net tuition, which can be extremely motivating for some.

Throughout students’ education at WNA, they will be part of the four-year college counseling plan. All contact has one main focus - Excellent endeavors for a successful future! We aim to make the college process just that: a process--One that best unfolds throughout high school, not treated as an afterthought rushed through one's senior year.

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  • Freshman Year

    Students are introduced to college counselling at WNA during our unique Nottingham Open. We play a game to show them the importance of not only earning good grades, but also participating in numerous school activities, and creating relationships. We Introduce Naviance and allow each student to sign in and explore the platform. Freshmen also take a personality assessment on the platform.

    After our spring break, freshmen prepare for the college trip to University of Maryland, College Park and Goucher College. We also discuss summer plans and courses for their sophomore year.

  • Sophomore Year

    In early October we introduce the PSAT. Students do the pre-administration and learn the importance of the PSAT, as well as test-taking strategies.

    In November we hold a brief meeting before the college tour to John Hopkins University and Loyola University of Maryland.

    By winter break we review how to access PSAT scores, look over Khan Academy’s free SAT prep tool, and encourage students to apply to summer programs if they have not already done so.

    Later the next spring we touch base about summer plans, junior schedule, and college summer tours.
  • Junior Year

    Junior year is focused on learning about the admission process and reviewing applications. Additionally, juniors will prepare for and take the PSAT/NMSQT. Students complete the pre-administration and learn the importance of the test, as well as test-taking strategies.

    After our Parents Weekend in mid-October, juniors leave for tours of the University of Pennsylvania, St. Joseph’s University, and Jefferson/Philadelphia University. After a night in a hotel, we visit Albright College or Elizabethtown and West Chester University before returning to WNA.

    On or about October 30th we visit the NACAC College Fair in Baltimore, where over 1000 colleges and universities are represented.

    In early December we receive and review PSAT scores and encourage students to apply to summer programs if they have not already done so.

    In our third quarter (January and February), the Junior College Seminar begins. The course is six 80-minute sessions. The seminar covers students’ rights and responsibilities in the application process, WNA policy and procedures (see attached 2019 College Guidance Handbook), resume writing, essay prep and writing, research of colleges and majors, building a college list, selecting the writers of each student’s recommendations, instruction on visiting colleges, interview techniques, and an introduction to the Common Application and other application platforms.
  • Senior Year

    Senior year is the culmination of all of the hard work students have done since they arrived on campus. As the school year starts, so does the Senior College Seminar, with twice monthly 80-minute sessions. This program has the expectation that all returning seniors will apply to their top schools before Thanksgiving break. Seniors finalize their resumes, essays, supplemental information, and financial documents as needed. Seniors continue to receive Naviance and Common App instruction and support, information to register for testing, to apply for FAFSA support, and to seek and apply for scholarships.
Yvonne Dvorak
Director of College Counseling and Registrar
410-658-5556 ext. 9261