College Counseling

The process of college counseling in general is both an art and a science. At West Nottingham Academy, our students receive personalized and individual counseling to direct them through the application process and to discover schools that are the right fit for their goals.

Through individual conferences, and attention to the details of each step in the college application process, the College Counseling Office seeks to understand what students are looking for in a college and their future aspirations beyond to help them find the very best possible match in their undergraduate education. Our goal ultimately to support the student and family throughout the application process.  Parents are invited and encouraged to be part of the process and take advantage of the college counseling resources available.

While well-supported every step of the way, students are given increasing responsibility for researching schools and compiling all the necessary documentation needed to complete each application. Our goal is not only for every senior to have a number of wonderful offers of admission from which to choose, but for each student to feel ownership in the process and responsibility for his or her success.  Our experience as a college preparatory school is at your disposal and with hard work and diligence, students can be assured of reaching their desired level of post-graduation education.

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  • Freshman and Sophomore Year

    The process of college admissions begins the day a student enrolls at WNA in 9th grade. Students will be immersed in a culture of college readiness from the start, and are encouraged to be a part of the journey of exploration and discovery.  Our college counseling curriculum uses personality assessments, games, and role-playing to help students learn each aspect of the college search and application process.  They will learn how to leverage academic, athletic, and club membership as a way to develop their skills and passions, in addition to the influence of GPA and character development during the college application process.
  • Junior Year

    Junior year is a busy one in the college search and application process.  During 11th grade, students will take regular college counseling classes to learn about the application process, financial aid, resume writing, standardized testing, and the elements of comparing schools.  By the spring of junior year, many components of the college application process are nearly complete
  • Senior Year

    Senior year is the culmination of all of the hard work students have done since they arrived on campus.  During the fall of their senior year, students complete the final elements of the college counseling curriculum, including their application and essays, as well as requests for recommendations. Our program also offers special workshops that focus on a review of college policies and procedures and process of applying for financial aid and scholarships.
Yvonne Dvorak
Director of College Counseling and Registrar
410-658-5556 ext. 9261
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