International Student Services

For more than sixty years, international students have chosen West Nottingham Academy in preparation for American colleges and universities. At WNA, students receive support to improve English-language fluency and fully integrate into the school community. International students from countries all over the world call WNA home because of its caring and committed faculty and diverse student body.

The international student program is carefully designed to provide a variety of supports, including an immersion-based environment for learning English through formal English-as-a-Second Language communications classes.  Students are initially enrolled in the ESL program based on English language testing scores and the discretion of the admission committee and program director.  Some students with advanced English-language skills may need no additional support, and will be placed directly into the college-preparatory curriculum.  The ESL program will still provide support for that transition.

Features of the ESL program include:
  • English communication to improve speaking and listening skills, in addition to reading, writing, grammar, and studies in American culture.
  • Augmented focus on language skills in both English and history.
  • Support for work in all other WNA classes, tailored to English-language acquisition.
  • Classes that transition students needing additional support from ESL to the college-preparatory curriculum.
  • Individual tutoring and support.
The international student program will provide additional support in college counseling, integration into the wider school community, travel and VISA assistance, TOEFL and SAT preparation, school-sponsored trips during certain breaks, and special dinners, trips, and events.
Tracey Ramey
Director of the International Program

Tracey Ramey graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Superior with a B.S. in Education and a minor in Social Studies. She also holds an M.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Curriculum and Instruction and ESL.  She currently teaches English as a Second Language, is Director of the International Program, and co-Director of Teaching and Learning. Tracey is a dorm parent on East and coaches Lifetime Fitness and Tennis.  With 15 years of experience teaching and 10 years of experience in boarding school, Tracey enjoys developing positive and meaningful relationships with students in the classroom, on the dorm and in after school activities. She enjoys challenging her students in multiple ways and helping them reach their full potential as productive and engaged members of a global community.