Signature Programs

Environmental Sustainability

Students in the Environmental Sustainability Signature Program will be able to further take advantage of and enhance West Nottingham's status as a Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) Certified Sustainable School.  The certification shows that our community has made a commitment to and is carrying out a plan to reduce environmental impact as a school.  Those in the Signature Program will have additional resources in West Nottingham's community partners, including Kilby Dairy Farm and the Cecil County Conservation Partnership.

Click to learn more about environmental stewardship initiatives at West Nottingham and listen to the Student Environmental Council's podcast series, "The World Won't Wait: Conversation on Climate Change" to explore current issues in climate change and environmental conservation.

Program requirements:
  • Complete the following courses:
    • Environmental Science or Advanced Placement Environmental Science
    • Environmental Policy and Action
    • Four years of a world language or fluency in two languages
    • At least two seasons of Student Environmental Council (SEC)
  • Participate in experiential learning with community partners
  • Attend a summer program, two to seven weeks long
  • Attend one professional conference in the field
  • Conduct an original research project, supported by an external mentor and internal advisor
  • Present the original research project at the WNA Symposium
Virginia Kennedy
Director of Sustainability Programs

Virginia Kennedy holds an MA and PhD in English and American Studies from Cornell University in NY. Dr. Kennedy has taught on the high school and college levels in public and private institutions and has also worked as a director of communications and development and an executive director in the field of nonprofit environmental conservation. Dr. Kennedy’s teaching interests include American Indian literature and oral cultures, African American literature, environmental literature, and American historical literature from the Puritans to the present. Working with Dr. Gardner, history department chair, and the English and history departments, she has developed West Nottingham's Evolutionary Expository Writing Program, a program that builds students’ critical-analytical reading, writing, and research skills sequentially from freshmen through senior year. Dr. Kennedy has published articles and book reviews in scholarly journals and books, as well as writing for various trade publications in the conservation field.

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