Signature Programs

STEM and Technology Innovation

The STEM and Innovation Signature Program will allow students to take advantage of the resources available in West Nottingham's Innovation Center, including 3D printers, Sprout computers, a laser cutter, podcasting equipment, and a green screen and VIVE virtual reality system.  The Principles of Science and Engineering course, which is required for the Signature Program, is designed to familiarize students with the equipment in the Innovation Center while guiding them through curricular themes in physics and robotics.

Program requirements:
  • Complete the following courses:
    • Principles of Science and Enginnering and/or any physics class
    • AP Computer Science, AP Biology, or AP Chemistry
    • Calculus or AP Calculus (AB or BC)
    • AP Statistics (suggested, but not required)
  • Complete the highest-level training available in the Innovation Center, completing a final product in each of the following categories:
    • Computer-aided design (CAD)
    • 3-D printing
    • laser cutting
    • video editing (including green screen)
    • podcasting
    • woodworking
  • Participate in one relevant summer program (two to seven weeks in length)
  • Participate in at least two seasons with the VEX Robotics team
  • Participate in at least one year of Model United Nations club
  • Conduct original research and produce a paper and/or project under the guidance of an outside mentor and internal advisor
  • Attend one relevant professional conference
  • Present research project at the WNA Symposium

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