Signature Programs

Visual and Performing Arts

Students in the Visual and Performing Arts Signature Program have access to talented and experienced artists and musicians, both those working as faculty at West Nottingham and those who visit our campus through the Eric Fischl '66 Artist-in-Residence Teaching Program.  This program invites classically trained artists from the New York Academy of Art to work and live on our campus as visiting teachers, giving students a glimpse into the dedication it takes to produce great works of modern art.  Students persuing a performing arts focus can take advantage of studio time with West Nottingham's full-time music teacher in a variety of classes, including music performance, music production, song writing, and music theory.

Program requirements:
  • Complete the following courses:
    • A combination of four of the following: Studio Art I and II, Photography I and II, Music Performance, Music Production, Song Writing and Music Theory
    • Art History and/or Anatomy
    • AP Art/Music
  • Participate in experiential learning with community partners
  • Attend a summer program, two to seven weeks long, in a related field
  • Attend two to four art exhibits, shows, or conferences
  • Conduct an original research project, supported by an external mentor and internal advisory
  • Present original work outside of the school
  • Present original research project at the WNA Symposium
Trish Kuhlman
Visual Art Chair

Trish Kuhlman serves as Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair at West Nottingham. Ms. Kuhlman received her BFA in Illustration from the University of Delaware in 1997. She teaches studio art and photography and is the adviser of the National Art Honors Society and the WNA yearbook production team. In addition, she manages the Eric Fischl ’66 Artist-in-Residence Teaching Program, which brings three professional artists to WNA annually, as student instructors and mentors.  Ms. Kuhlman also organizes WNA’s Joseph R. and Paul W. Gates Gallery exhibits.  Prior to her arrival at WNA, Ms. Kuhlman was a professional illustrator, portrait painter, and muralist. She served as an adjunct professor at Cecil College and taught studio art classes for children and for adults at a variety of venues including Delaware Art Museum, Center for Creative Arts in Yorklyn, DE, and the Newark Arts Alliance in Newark, DE.  Ms. Kuhlman's own work has been exhibited in galleries in Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey. Her personal artistic passions are drawing with all media, oil painting and art history.

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