Meet the Team

As West Nottingham Academy, like the rest of the world, has had to adapt to the COVID pandemic, we are proud of the dedication, innovation, flexibility, and professionalism of our community.  We have turned quickly to online classes in order to assure that our students complete a full year of curriculum. We have regularly stayed in touch with our students, and our families for advisee meetings and through updates from our head of school.  While our beautiful campus is devoid of students, we have enforced strict regulations in order to keep our resident faculty safe.  We continue to address the social and emotional growth of our students, as well as their learning.  We have spotlighted our talented senior class members through social media and we have put together an “almost real” graduation program for May 30th.  Our admissions office is working tirelessly to reach enrollment goals and remains open and available for personalized service, as well as individual virtual campus tours. 
At WNA, we are determined to provide our 2020-21 students a full year of engaging curriculum, that includes our signature areas of STEM, environmental sustainability and visual art.  Our innovative and devoted faculty will assure that our students continue to engage, explore and excel.   We will respond quickly and appropriately to any new pandemic-related developments.  We will make sure our community stays safe and healthy.  And, we will be responsive to family finances by discounting our tuition if the school year demands more than one month of virtual learning.  

All this said, we welcome an opportunity to continue to work with you as you seek a school environment that is just the right fit.  In addition to our traditional boarding program, we have introduced a 5-day boarding option for families who live within a few hours of our campus.  Our Chesapeake Learning Center remains a valuable resource to students who need that extra special academic attention.  We will work individually with our international students by being flexible with any visa constraints.  We strongly believe that our small and supportive community could be just the right fit for you.  
The next step?  Let us know what’s on your mind!  Complete the form below and we will be back to you within 24 hours. Learn more WNA’s unique programming, student life offerings and student outcomes through exploration on this site.  The admissions team stands ready to schedule a virtual tour and interview with you from the comforts of your home.  
Len Armstrong
Director of Enrollment Management
Jess Ajitsingh
Development Assistant, Events Coordinator, and Enrollment Associate