Tuition and Fees

Financial Aid

Domestic families interested in receiving a financial aid award must apply through the National Association of Independent School's (NAIS) School and Student Services (SSS).  After the completion of a Parent Financial Statement, we require our families to upload the most current W-2 and 1040 documents. International families are also expected to complete the Parents Financial Statement and submit documentation to verify financial need.

We believe that families are responsible for the support and educational expenses of their children to the extent that they are able. Any financial aid award comes after the commitment from parents and guardians; therefore, WNA will consider the resources of both parents, regardless of the relationship.  If a natural parent has remarried, the resources of the step-parent will be considered, as well. In the case of custodial and non-custodial parents, both must submit applications to SSS. All financial information supplied by parents will be held in strict confidence.

Awards are made on a yearly basis and applications to SSS must be completed every year a student is enrolled and remains in good standing at West Nottingham Academy. Whenever possible, financial aid awards will be communicated at the time of acceptance.