Why West Nottingham?


Why West Nottingham?

Why is West Nottingham Academy the right fit for you? Our parents say that West Nottingham Academy is a "gem of a school," particularly in how well the community engages with and serves our students and families. We are proud of our diverse global community in a rural setting, our signature areas of study, our focus on environmentalism, and the many successs of our students.  Students have the option to enroll as a day student, a 5-day boarder, or 7-day boarder.   

In a Nutshell...

Our mission is to help young women and men prepare for the academic, emotional, and social challenges of college life and beyond. Our teaching methods, which include round-table discussions, student-driven projects, research exercises, labs, lectures, and interdisciplinary activities, are tailored to assist each and every student and her or his educational background.  Teachers encourage students to find ever more positive results through hard work and dedication, while providing a supportive and caring environment. This endeavor remains true to our motto, established since we were chartered with the state of Maryland in 1812: Nihil Sine Labore – Nothing Without Work.

Academic Challenge

WNA provides a college-preparatory curriculum with an emphasis on providing greater individual attention than many other schools. The average class size is 11 students with an overall teacher-to-student ratio of 1:7. This ratio offers a multitude of opportunities for the enrichment of the whole student, while ensuring a safe environment as students mature through their high school years. It allows the chance to ask questions, seek help, and develop a deeper understanding of a subject through strong relationships with the teacher and classmates. For those students who seek additional academic support for diagnosed learning differences, ADD or ADHD, or for building the necessary time-management and study skills, the Chesapeake Learning Center offers the opportunity to acquire these skills and reach academic potential through individualized programming and coaching.  Three signature areas: STEM and Innovation, Visual Arts, and Environmental Sustainability complement our progressive and hands-on approach to curriculum.  A number of AP classes are available every academic year. 
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Faculty Guidance and Support

WNA thrives through its teachers, who are the essence of our school. Our faculty and staff are passionate and talented individuals committed to helping each student achieve her or his full potential. Teachers are also the advisors, coaches, and dorm parents who ensure that learning continues well beyond the classroom. All students meet with an advisor regularly as well, to touch base on all aspects of community life, from academic challenges to social and personal issues.

College Counseling and More

Whether it is finding the right college fit, preparing for standardized testing, seeking guidance to complete a successful application, or setting up campus visits, the College Counseling Office is a valuable resource for all students and families. The college counseling process at WNA is comprehensive and highly personalized. Additionally, living and learning at WNA offer a glimpse of life beyond high school. With a diverse community, structured time to develop good study habits, and a campus not unlike a small college, an education at WNA offers students the opportunities to learn skills they will need to successfully manage life in college and beyond.

Athletics and Student Life

Boarding and day students are all invited to and responsible for participation in student life activities.  Boarders live in four dormitories - living with a roommate and sharing in community decisions. Students participate in various weekend activites that are social, fun, cultural, environmental, and service based. All students participate in afternoon activities and we offer a plethora of competitive team opportunities as well as opportunities for strength and conditioning and lifetime sports.