Recognition and Awards

Since its founding in 1744, members of the West Nottingham Academy community have left an indelible impression on the regional, national, and global community.  We are proud to acknowledge the extraordinary achievements and commitment of West Nottingham Academy family members through the following awards.

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  • Alumni Service Award

    This award is given to an individual who demonstrates a dedication to West Nottingham Academy and honors that dedication by selflessly serving the school in an extraordinary manner. 

    Alumni Service Award recipients are nominated by the Advancement Office, and the honoree is determined by a vote of prior award recipients.

    If you have a qualified candidate you would like to nominate, please email the Advancement Office.

    Past recipients:
    Ross B. Cameron '61 (2001 inaugural recipient)
    Noah Laurance "Larry" Durkin '78 (2011 recipient)
    George G. Heiney II '63 (2001 inaugural recipient)
    Joan L. Kistler '70 (2002 recipient)
    Weston Hawley Lopez '30* (2003 recipient)
    Paul R. McIntyre '92 (2012 recipient)
    Ralph "Dusty" E. Miller '59 (2006 recipient)
    Charles H. Slaybaugh '65 (2005 recipient)
    Alan "Buddy" E. Williams '70 (2009 recipient)

  • Honorary Alumni

    Some of our community members did not attend WNA as students, but, nonetheless, claim the school as a major influence on their lives.  These individuals, as honorary alumni, are our leaders, our inspiration, and in a unique way, still students of the West Nottingham Way.  Honorary alumni are recognized based on extraordinary service or loyalty to the school by non-graduates in any role.

    Honorary alumni are designated solely at the discretion of the head of school and the president of the Board of Trustees.

    Patricia A. Bathon H '92
    Robert H. Cameron H '04
    James A. Crothers H '04
    C. Herbert Foutz H '95
    Richard L. Funk H '85
    Paul Griffith H '07
    Betty Heiney H '11
    Margaret Lutley H '03
    Char Lynerd H '13
    Joseph C. Ray, Jr. H '92
    Nancy Reynolds H '09
    John T. Schultheis H '04
  • Distinguished Faculty Award

    The Joseph Ray Distinguished Faculty Award was established in 2013 in honor of Joseph C. Ray, Jr. for his 50 years of dedication and service as teacher, coach, mentor, and school historian. The award honors outstanding faculty, both living and deceased (living teachers must either be retired, or have left West Nottingham at least five years prior to consideration).  These faculty members have made an indelible mark on the West Nottingham Academy community and its students.

    Past recipients:
    Carol Burke Badenhoop, 1957-72 (2014 inaugural recipient)
    Robert Badenhoop, 1957-72 (2014 inaugural recipient)
    C. Herbert Foutz, 1946-2001 (2014 inaugural recipient)
    Richard L. Funk, 1959-61, 1965-71, 1972-85 (2015 recipient)
    Dr. John L. Gallagher, 1959-68 (2014 inaugural recipient)
    Kenneth W. Michelsen, 1991-2000 (2015 recipient)
    Merridee Michelsen, 1991-2000 (2015 recipient)
    Ralph "Dusty" E. Miller '59, 1972-82 (2016 recipient)
    Mary Spiro, 1959-62, 1967-81 (2017 recipient)
    Jim Spiro, 1959-62, 1967-81, 1981-88 (2017 recipient)
    Rev. Allen B. Yuninger, 1966-91 (2014 inaugural recipient)