Meet the Class of 2020

Meet the Class of 2020 
Highlighting the memories, hopes, and dreams of our amazing graduating class of 2020.

May 23, 2020   |   Zhaolong (Mark)

I am a four year senior at WNA. The most memorable part of my time at WNA was soccer training with Dr. Gardner. I played soccer for four years at WNA, Dr. Gardner and our assistant coach taught me a lot about soccer. They also helped and taught me never to give up on things and how to make a good team work. We had a lot of fun with each other. Many people in our community said I always have a smiling face; I hope everyone in our community can remember my smiling face. As I said, I am a four year senior. I spent a lot of time in this wonderful campus, I will miss everything at WNA, every classmate and teacher here. I hope I can come back for a visit, to review the past. This is my last month as a student at WNA. Though I will miss everything here, I am excited about everything at my college in the future. I hope there will be a bunch of nice and lovely teachers at my college like the teachers at WNA. That will be great. In the end, I want to tell all of my fellow underclassmen enjoy your life at WNA, you will be missing this wonderful place so much when you graduate. Take some time without your phone, take a nice walk around this campus, enjoy the environment of our beautiful campus.

May 22, 2020   |   Emma

What I am going to miss most about WNA are the close relationships I was able to make through living together and playing sports. My best memory at school was playing soccer my junior and senior years. The soccer team that I played with my junior year became somehow kind of a family. The experiences we shared together were amazing, and even though we lost the semi-finals it was one of the best experiences I had. During my senior year I enjoyed sharing the captaincy with Bella, and I just hope that in the future everyone on the team remembers me with my no.1 at the back.

May 21, 2020   |   Maciej

One of the best parts of WNA has been living in the dorm. Living with so many great people has taught me a lot, and built amazing friendships and memories I will never forget. I am going to miss all my friends and teachers who made school, evenings, and weekends amazing. I hope that future students keep working hard, and recognize how much success it can bring. I am excited to take everything I learned at WNA and apply the knowledge in college and beyond. I hope everyone stays just as goofy, and the incredible feeling of community never leaves WNA.

May 20, 2020   |   Amanda

I remember my most memorable moment at WNA was prom. It will always be special because everyone was looking very nice and I got to hang out with my friends. I am also going to miss those friends at WNA. I am looking forward to going to college soon and being able to make new memories. To people who graduate after me, I would like them to enjoy everything, and everyday with their friends and to remember that every moment is precious.

May 19, 2020   |   Ethan F

The most memorable part of my time at WNA was playing guitar with my buddies in music class my junior year. My teacher, Mr. Keidel, had a huge influence on me and taught me a lot, as well as my friend Kyler. My experience in the drama program was also really special to me. Working with Mr. Eder and my friends was both exciting and fun. I want people at WNA to remember me based on how I treated them--specifically, my friends and my teachers. The thing I will miss most about WNA is my friends, but I’m excited to work and go to college in the future.

I would wish all my classmates a successful future.

May 18, 2020   |   Jamie

The most memorable part of WNA for me was the people around me. I have met and connected with so many different types of students coming from across the world. I hope everyone remembers me as a person who has always stayed the same no matter the circumstances; I have always stayed true to myself, which is something not many people in life can do. I have nothing that I am going to miss in particular, because I am ready for the next journey which is college. I am excited about my college basketball season, knowing that the results I will have on and off the court can go all types of ways depending on how much work I will put in. I encourage the underclassmen to enjoy every moment, because at some point you will be done faster than you think.

May 17, 2020   |   Bei Ni (Bethany)

I love Earth Day at WNA when the students are outside doing things, and the teachers are laboring alongside us. I am going to miss WNA's location and its environment. This is the farthest place I had ever lived from a city--with farmland everywhere. We might have complained about this sometimes, but we loved Kilby Farm for Kilby Cream’s milk and ice cream. I want to remember all my activities like Student Environmental Council and the Puzzle Club and the creative projects my friends and I did together, like pulling large bamboo to make a fishing pole with Sussie and making handcrafts and decorations to hang secretly around the dorm.
Now, I look forward to living in a totally different part of United States, University of California, Santa Barbara, for the next four years. No matter how much you complained about school before, spend time with your friends and teachers as much as possible. I will miss WNA after I graduate!

May 16, 2020   |   Ethan M

The beautiful discussions and debates I have had at WNA have been by far the most memorable and motivating experiences. I want to be remembered as one of the many students who enjoys insightful conversations and ideas. I will miss the community, and for me, the most important piece of WNA has been the dedicated teachers and the awesome students who became some of the best mentors and friends I have ever had. Going into the future, I am excited to see all the people and places I am going to encounter and to see my interests grow into meaningful work. To my friends, the underclassmen, I say, 'do not take your education for granted, it will be necessary!'

May 15, 2020   |   Luis

My time at WNA has been one of a kind: I’ve met new people, I’ve played new sports for the first time, and I’ve had unforgettable experiences. One of my most memorable times at WNA would be sports. From my first time playing on the soccer team my freshman year to playing baseball at the end of my senior year, I had the most memorable experiences with my teammates and coaches. I am going to miss playing sports with my friends, but I know that I’ll play some of them in college. WNA has prepared me for the next chapter in my life, and I am excited to spend another four years at another place where I can grow and make new experiences.

May 14, 2020   |   Ainsley

My most memorable part about being at WNA was meeting new people the first week we were all at school and then going to Hersey Park. These memories I am going to carry with me throughout life. All the people I meet this year, I am going to stay in touch with after I leave.

I want people to remember me for how I always had a smile on my face, even on days that I was tired. I also want them to remember that I do not give up--that I tried my best in all aspects of life.

One thing I am going to miss about being at WNA is seeing my friends who I made there every day. I will miss going outside just to hang out, as well as heading back to the dorms after lunch to swap out my school supplies for the day. I also liked how everyone had places that they could hang out like the bench outside of Rowland.

I look forward starting a new chapter in life at college and getting to meet new people. I am most looking forward to studying criminology and law and society in college. I am excited at the opportunities in a field that I have loved since I was a kid. I plan to enjoy my future in the career that I love and hope to make even more memories.

I would say take the leadership, kindness, and happiness we brought into this school and use them for the next year. We all brought different things to this school year and even through a pandemic the seniors stayed strong through the last part of the school year. I hope they take that strength and use it to show other graduating classes that anything is possible through the thick and thin. My graduating class presented so many things to the next graduating class that I hope they use in the future.

May 13, 2020   |   Lin

The most memorable parts of my time at WNA are whenever someone supported me. I want my fellow members of the WNA community to remember me as the person who did not really cause that much trouble. What I miss most about WNA are the Harkness discussions. The thing I am most excited about my future is all the possibilities of how I am going to change this world, even just for a little bit. I would like to tell my fellow underclassmen, especially the Chinese, the following: “Less video gaming, more college-prepping. I’ve learned this the hard way.”

May 12, 2020   |   Seferino

My first and last year at West Nottingham Academy (WNA) has been a fun and unique one. I have had the opportunity to meet and make such wonderful friends and nurture bonds that I am sure I will keep into my college years. Moreover, the little things, such as the weekends in our dorms were the most memorable. This is because we all would find fun things to do and just hang out, and these interactions were most definitely a fun experience. Hanging out and chilling with my friends is what I’ll miss the most. As I get ready to depart, what I wish for those to remember about me is that I was a happy and extroverted person who helped bring a smile to others. I am filled with excitement as I start the next chapter of my life, filled with more freedom and the responsibilities it comes with. As I am getting ready to leave, I have only one thing to say and that is…

Live each day as your last and to its fullest because time passes each of us by each day and it is up to each one of us to put in the effort and make the most of it no matter what situation you may find yourself in!

May 11, 2020   |   Divine

My time at WNA has truly been a one-of-a-kind experience. With each and every moment shared, I have formed everlasting bonds with individuals who are the most genuine people I know. The most memorable moments I’ve spent at WNA were during the Nottingham Open. The commencement of the school year marked a new and ecstatic period as I got to interact with unfamiliar faces and formed more friendships through various activities like the parties and the numerous outings. I would have to say the memory that still lingers in my mind is the soccer season of fall 2018. I was honored to be coached by Mr. Donnelly and Ms. Charles, and the unity of the team, as well as their expertise, enabled me to advance in my capabilities. We shared victories and downfalls, but throughout, we persevered as a team. When I leave WNA, I want to be remembered as an intellectual and fun person who impacted the lives of those with whom I came in contact. I am most definitely going to miss the breathtaking campus, but I know that WNA’s legacy will live on. I will miss the interschool competitions between Spartans and Athenians where the room was filled with school spirit and joy. I’ll miss the late-night dorm chronicles with my girls and the dorm competitions with other dorms.

Most importantly, I will miss the hospitality of the WNA community when welcoming new diverse individuals who are still experiencing culture shock. These people from all around the world taught me the values of being open-minded and learning from one another. I look forward to graduating and going to college with my intended major. I advise the underclassmen to keep up their grades and take college counseling seriously. I also encourage you to take every opportunity to do those fun weekend activities because that is where you’re going to make the most memorable memories with your friends.

May 10, 2020   |   Dennis

My Most memorable time at WNA was definitely the time I got lost on a running path and went an extra 2 miles. Also, I will dearly miss the staff and faculty I have bonded with through my two years. What I want everyone to remember is simple: I am the best! What I will miss about WNA is definitely that slippery gym and my friends. What I would say to my fellow underclassmen is not to stress, and trust you guys will always find a path in your life that will make you happy.

May 9, 2020   |   Olutomiwa (Tomiwa)

My most memorable time at WNA are the memories made with the basketball team. The two seasons I played were amazing. We had our ups and downs, but it was a lovely team and family to spend those two years with. I want my classmates to remember me as the funny guy who always brought energy and laughter into the room wherever I went. I am going to miss the friends I made at WNA and it is always going to be a shame that I did not get to say a proper goodbye to them. I am grateful to my teachers and coaches for all their support and encouragement. Life is too short to stress about things that are not going to mean anything in a year’s time, so work hard, have fun, make great memories, and enjoy life.

May 8, 2020   |   Yifei (Sussie)

I had a nice experience in my two years at WNA. A memorable day for me was when I helped the VEX Robotics team to host a tournament in the gym. I was the volunteer to help reset the field after each game, and I also took pictures for yearbook. In yearbook, we have a yearbook party for each year’s staff. We went to a pizza restaurant and I love their pizza. I’m going to miss the environmental protection program at WNA. The recycling and compost programs are the best I have ever seen. Also, the art program—it’s a nice experience that I had my own studio space during high school. Now I feel excited about college life. WNA is a nice place. Just enjoy life on campus.

May 7, 2020   |   Aniyah

The most memorable part of my time at WNA would be the friends I have made. Whether they have graduated or have three more years left, I share different memories with each of them, and those memories will forever be in my heart. As I start a new journey, I would like the WNA community to remember me as that sassy funny girl who was always making her friends laugh, and who was always there for others whenever they needed her. I’ll miss being able to have Kilby’s ice cream anytime I craved it, and laying down on the campus grass to watch the stars with my friends when it was warm. I’ll also miss the relationships I have made with faculty. I don’t know how I’m going to live without seeing Señora all the time and bothering Ms. Kahler in her office.

I am looking forward to taking all the knowledge I have obtained at WNA and using it at my college and being even more independent. To my underclassmen, do not take any day for granted, have fun, and be yourself, because those four years go by fast! You need people who will support who you really are. Be silly, make friends, don’t do vocab assignments the night before, and always speak up about how you feel!!

May 6, 2020   |   Quinn

The most memorable part of my time at WNA, and the part I’ll miss most, was the time I spent laughing and smiling with the amazing members of the WNA community. I hope the WNA community remembers me for being a helpful and smiling face around campus. As I look toward the future, I am excited for all the opportunities that lie ahead in college and the world beyond. And a message for the underclassmen: be grateful for what you have and never take a single semester in high school for granted.

May 5, 2020   |   Enzo

I would say my most memorable part during the time I have been in WNA would be playing soccer with my teammates. I would like my classmates to remember that I was the supreme meme lord at WNA. (Just kidding I don’t really know). The thing I am going to miss the most from WNA would be my hermano de Kenya and the Open Gym with Alejandro. The thing I am most excited about as I look toward the future would be improving my abilities so that I can make a living from my passion – soccer. There is only one thing my fellow underclassmen should know: Hala Madrid y Nada Más!

May 4, 2020   |   Akiareia

The most memorable part of WNA was getting to know everyone. My classmates, teachers, and fellow WNA community are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met, and I cannot imagine a life in which I don’t have them. They have helped shape me to be better. What I want others to remember about me is my loud personality and the jokes I make to get people to laugh. To be honest, I’m going to miss the campus the most. When I was not around people, and sometimes even when I was, I would just walk around campus and sit and admire it. What I am most excited about in the future is being able to choose my own classes and the times for those classes. Graduation is one of the most memorable times in anyone’s life, so the fact that we have to do it differently is strange, but the feeling is still there. I will miss the people I leave behind, but I’m happy to be starting the next chapter in my life--college!

May 3, 2020   |   Malco

The most memorable part of WNA for me is its community. I never thought I would be so close to teachers and staff. I’ve shared time with them as lifting buddies, for example, or as my basketball coach or soccer coach. Going to WNA was the best opportunity I have ever had in my entire life. It unlocked a future that I never thought would be possible before going to the US and going to WNA. I am going to miss how close everyone is to each other because having 80 students is rare in a high school. I am going to miss the spirit, the sports activities, and the teachers. I look forward to going to college, and not stressing out about the fact that I will be by myself because going to WNA made me more autonomous and mature. I feel WNA has prepared me for college. I hope that my junior classmates will get the ceremony that we did not because it is beautiful to finish your high school with a ceremony. Also, I would advise them not to worry if they do not know what to study in college, or if they will even be accepted to one. I was stressed out myself and it surprised me how easy it is to get into college for an average student at WNA.

May 2, 2020   |   George

The most memorable moment for me at WNA has been when the boys’ basketball prep team played against The Hill School my senior year. I enjoyed this moment because there was something about the game that was different. My friends and I brought our energy to the game from start to finish, and we ended up getting the win. I want classmates, teachers, and WNA community to remember me as a “smart” athletic kid who changed and developed so much in the span of four years at WNA. What I’m going to miss about WNA is the people I have met over the years and some staff members like Mr. Finlan, Mr. Collins, and Coach Gilcher who have helped me develop many different skills. As I look into the future, I’m most excited about finally graduating, and it feels like I’m a grown man. Now I can finally start whipping my car and be more of an individual as I take on new challenges in my life. I would tell my fellow classmates to stay in school, try to spend as much time with your friends as possible, your boy is out, and to listen to everything Ms. Dvorak is saying because she really is a big factor in getting into college.

May 1, 2020   |   Zhanna

My most memorable part of WNA was being able to “travel” the world without having to go anywhere but here. I enjoyed getting to know many different cultures that most high schoolers would not be exposed to in their day-to-day life. I would like the WNA community to remember me as a person with a kind heart and a lover of both the arts and nature who was always there to listen and offer support. I am going to miss meeting new students from around the world the most. I am also going to miss the peaceful gardens and sustainability programs WNA has. I am most excited about using the skills I learned at WNA to help chart a path to a successful career. I hope to use my love of science and analysis skills to become a forensic pathologist and discover the truth in unsolved cases. To the underclassmen, use every opportunity to make connections with the teachers, I guarantee it will help you in the long run. Above all, do not be afraid to ask questions and get involved in new opportunities! Best of luck to everyone!