Signature Programs

Environmental Sustainability

Students in the Environmental Sustainability Signature Program will be able to further take advantage of and enhance West Nottingham's status as a Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) Certified Sustainable School.  The certification shows that our community has made a commitment to and is carrying out a plan to reduce environmental impact as a school.  Those in the Signature Program will have additional resources in West Nottingham's community partners, including Kilby Dairy Farm and the Cecil County Conservation Partnership.

Program requirements:
  • Complete the following courses:
    • Environmental Science or Advanced Placement Environmental Science
    • Environmental Policy and Action
    • Four years of a world language or fluency in two languages
    • At least two seasons of Student Environmental Council (SEC)
  • Participate in experiential learning with community partners
  • Attend a summer program, two to seven weeks long
  • Attend one professional conference in the field
  • Conduct an original research project, supported by an external mentor and internal advisor
  • Present the original research project at the WNA Symposium

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